It’s a London Thing!

The Allan Morris team travelled down to London this week to work at the Mayfair Office on Thayer Street. Richard said we are always aware of the number of buyers that we have that moving from the capital to buy in Malvern, but we often forget how wonderful it is to be there too. Walking into the office from the tube we cross the the shopping mecca of Oxford Street before the doors are opened. There is a certain buzz and excitement to London that you only really feel when working there.

We work very closely with the team there, but nothing helps cement their influence than actually being there. The buyers may be leaving the capital to start or help grow their families in Worcestershire, or may be retiring to the Hills so they no longer need to travel to the Spring and Autumn Shows and can enjoy our beautiful countryside and what it has to offer! Whatever their reasons though as excited as we are to be there and talking to them, the move for Malvern is equally exciting to them, the start of a new chapter in their lives and that of their families.

To find out more about the influence of London and its buyer on the Malvern and Worcestershire markets do feel free to give us a ring  on 01684 561411.

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