This Week at Allan Morris Malvern & Upton…

10/10 for a good valuation service!

“Very happy with the service received during the valuation we had with you, it was very well done and I have now received the literature. I explained that I just wanted an idea of the value to start with. I think that the agents name was Richard.” – J Boardman

“…picked the best agent by far!”

The service has been great, we have picked the best agent so far. Very happy with the service received, everything has been great. Vicky has been our main point of contact. No issues at all with the service and there is nothing to improve on. – M Massos, S Allcoat

10/10 for a good overall service!

“Very happy with the whole service so far, happy with the viewings and feedback and the contact we have had with Kate and Rachael. No issues at all with the service and nothing to improve on at all.” – L Farley


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